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"Dear Judi and Lincoln,
I can not express what a wonderful time I had on our latest fly fishing adventure !! Your hospitality and graciousness makes me feel like I was a guest in your home. The opportunity to spend time with my old friends and get to better appreciate my new friends made the trip. Of course the delicious food,superb wine, and wonderful fishing was the icing on the cake. The deer, turkeys, and the cranes were an added bonus. Many wonderful memories were made on the trip but none more special than Judi’s delicious soup consumed in a snow storm!!      
Thank you again for making the fishing trip into a multitude  of wonderful  memories .           
PS: I love my sling pack!""

Dean K.
Little Rock, AR

"Nestled in the breathtaking wilderness of Montana, the Montana Fly Fishing Lodge is a true gem for those seeking an unforgettable fishing adventure. As two passionate fly fishermen(George M. Noceti and Jim Yekel) from California, we decided to step out of our comfort zone and explore the wild beauty of Montana, and we couldn't have made a better choice. Our experience at the lodge, thanks to the warm hospitality of the owners, Lincoln and Judi Powers, was nothing short of extra ordinary. From the moment we landed at the local airport, we were warmly met by one of the owners and immediately felt like part of the family. The anticipation of what awaited us during our stay was enough to get our excitement soaring. Upon arrival at the lodge, we were offered a refreshing beverage of choice, setting the tone for the exceptional service that was to come.

The lodge itself is a marvel – a picturesque log construction in harmony with the surrounding nature. However, we opted for the unique experience of staying in the luxurious safari style tents. Waking up to the symphony of chirping birds and the crisp Montana air was a delightful
way to begin each day.Each day began with a gourmet breakfast that offered a delectable array of options to fuel our
daily fishing adventure. With the experienced guides ready to accompany us, we embarked onour fishing expeditions by 8-9 AM. The lodge provided access to an array of home waters, including the legendary Yellowstone and the Big Horn rivers, as well as various other rivers
flowing from the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, like The Stone, The Buds, and Rock Creek, and Stillwater. Additionally, there are smaller rivers and private waters right on the lodge property, giving anglers plenty of opportunities to test their skills and enjoy the pristine natural beauty of Montana.

After a rewarding day of fishing which included a nutritious riverside lunch, we would return to the lodge between 4-5 PM, greeted by the friendly owners and staff with our choice of refreshing beverages. We had just enough time to freshen up in our accommodations before
heading to dinner.

Dinner at the Montana Fly Fishing Lodge was an exceptional culinary experience. We weretreated to mouthwatering dishes like Tomahawk steaks, succulent Salmon, flavorful Pork loin,and more, all prepared to perfection. The desserts were handcrafted delights that never failed
to impress. Each dinner was served with the finest wines, including the exquisite Napa Valley Rombauer, setting the stage for

a memorable dining experience.Beyond the exceptional fishing and dining, what truly sets this lodge apart is the no stress environment created by Lincoln and Judi. Their warm and accommodating demeanor allowed anglers from all over the United States to relax, share life's stories, and forge lasting bonds withtheir fishing companions. We witnessed heartwarming moments of reconciliation betweenfathers and sons who used this trip as an opportunity to strengthen their relationships andcreate cherished memories together.

In conclusion, our time at the Montana Fly Fishing Lodge was nothing short of spectacular. Thecombination of top-notch accommodations, gourmet food, expert guides, and the enchantingMontana wilderness made it an unparalleled experience.Whether you an experienced angler or a nature enthusiast seeking a rejuvenating getaway, this lodge has it all. We highly recommend the Montana Fly Fishing Lodge to anyone who craves
the perfect blend of adventure, tranquility, and camaraderie A sincere thank you to Lincoln and Judi for creating such an unforgettable haven for anglers and nature lovers alike."

George Noceti
Lafayette, CA

​"In a word WOW! we must have said that 5 million times. The lodge was wonderfully relaxing and spacious. For a tex boy who  loves Fly Fishing your location is pure GOLD! I can’t wait to come back. Sunrise to sunset the fishing and hospitality was amazing! 5 Stars plus 10 happy faces :-)
Thanks to the powers Family for the best vacation of my life."

Kevin Connoly, etal
Chicago, il

“we’ve stayed, fished, and dined with  Montana Fly Fishing Lodge several times – the guides and fishing is world-class trout fishing at its finest​. the food, the wine list, ​and the service are absolutely top notch – as good as the very best of the big cities. The lodge is the pinnacle for discerning anglers and anyone else who enjoys the majesty of montana.”

John Clemons
Houston, Tx